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About Us

About Us

Drywall finishing by expert contractors! We also guarantee full drywall repair services whether you have problems at your home or company in California. Our teams are fast and effective. We repair problems and assure you that our materials are of the highest quality.

Address: Dickens St
Sherman Oaks, California
Zip code: 91423
Phone: 818-949-3910

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We hang drywall ceilings and handle their problems, remove popcorn ceilings and cover walls with brick and wood, and excel in tile installation

What's more important to you: excellence, technical knowhow or consistency? We can assure you that “Drywall Repair Sherman Oaks” can satisfy all these demands. Imagine our company as an umbrella under which a variety of expert professionals work just for you. We have top draftsmen, a friendly staff, experienced technicians and a modern management, which is busy empowering the infrastructures of our company.

We dare to say that our drywall company is the number one choice for all people. Whether you need repair services for water damaged drywalls, a brand new ceiling in a peculiar shape, ceramic tile installation or patchwork, we are the technicians you need.

Let us tell you why:

* We have incredible experience with both drywalls and tiles, and so our services couldn't be less than exceptional

* We do give our best professional selves when customers need our assistance and make sure everything is repaired and installed perfectly

* The quality of our contractors, materials, coatings and services will certainly exceed any of your expectations

* We are fast when you need drywall and tile repair and make detailed drafts when you need big projects

We want the best for the client

Do you know why you should trust our company? Drywall Repair Sherman Oaks takes into consideration all official requirements about the safety of people and the stability of the structure. We don't miss to take such important factors into consideration and that's why our blueprints are made with such details. Since the safety of our customers matters to our company, we do make sure our products are all green and drywalls are made of safe materials.

Call for more information at: 818-949-3910

Our specialized teams are aces in patching services and won't only cover holes with perfect technical precision but will also give a perfect finish. Aesthetics are important, too! Trust our teams for their modern ideas and their energy. We can offer you options among texturing techniques and you can be sure of our capacity to achieve amazing results. We are equally helpful when you need stone tile installation but you are not sure of the material. Let us make the right evaluations and find solutions for you. Do you want tiles for the patio or the kitchen? Our experience does not hide. It comes with us and stays with you! How about meeting our drywall repair team? Contact us whenever we can be useful!

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