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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
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A popcorn or acoustic ceiling is a thing of the past. There are new finishes that are popularly being used in many homes and offices. Having this type of outdated ceiling does not only affect the appearance of your property, but its value as well. Whether you wish your office or house to have a modern style or you wish it to become marketable, popcorn ceiling removal is something you should consider. “Drywall Repair Sherman Oaks” is a trusted name when it comes to expert service.

We Are the Experts in the Removal of Popcorn Ceiling

Drywall Repair Sherman Oaks is the eminent company you can depend on for removing your acoustic ceiling. The job may look easy, which is why others decide to do it as a DIY project. However, the truth is, that it should only be handled by an expert popcorn ceiling removal company likPopcorn Ceiling Removale ours. This is because your popcorn ceiling might contain a toxic substance called asbestos that was used in the installation of acoustic ceilings before. It doesn’t pose a threat if left undisturbed, but if you remove the ceiling that has a presence of this substance without the proper skills and equipment, this could lead to serious health problems, including lung cancer.

Our prestigious company hires only the best in the industry. We have qualified and well trained technicians that are equipped in removing popcorn ceilings and ensure that your popcorn ceiling is removed without causing asbestos contamination in your home. Aside from households, we have helped several commercial companies remove their popcorn ceilings.

Drywall repair is another specialty of our company and we adeptly repair all problems you may encounter with your ceiling. One of the specific services offered is drop ceiling repair. Your ceiling may drop due to water damage or someone accidentally stepping on it. This could also be caused by natural wear and tear. We’ll fix your dropped ceiling or replace it if required. Likewise, we implement ceiling installation. If you’re having your home or office built, count on our reliable company to do the planning, as well as the installation. Proper planning is equally important to ensure you receive only the drywall sheets you actually need to prevent wasting money and make the installation process quicker.

Give us a call for your popcorn ceiling removal and drywall repair needs. Our friendly representatives will gladly assist you.

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