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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Drywall Contractor

It's important to take care of any drywall repairs to begin with, such as cracks, holes, or water damage.

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Tile Installation

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Our local Drywall Company in Sherman Oaks is the best around

We specialize in Drywall and nothing else. We provide the best drywall service in Sherman Oaks, CA. Our drywall contractor is the best when it comes to installing Drywall. The drywall services that we provide include drywall installation, drywall finishing and drywall repair. Our drywall contractors have been in the drywall business for many years. If you are in need of drywall service contact the best drywall company in Sherman Oaks today. Our contractors can provide the high quality service that you deserve. Our prices are reasonable and we use quality products. Contact us today for great drywall service.

Drywall Repair Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks has a population of around 62,000 residents and is located in San Fernando Valley in the hilly district of Los Angeles CA. There are many new homes being built and renovations being done in Sherman Oaks and our Drywall Company is servicing many of these homes. These are a lot to do in this community such as shopping and dining and places to visit. The Sherman Oaks Castle Park is a great place to take your family for a picnic and to enjoy the sites and take in a walk on the nature trails. Sherman Oaks is home to the Sherman Oaks Galleria as well.

What is Drywall? Drywall is used to build the interior walls of homes and business. There are other names for drywall such as Plaster Board, Wallboard, Sheet Rock and Gypsum Board. Depending on where you live as to which name drywall is known as. Drywall is easy to install for our drywall company in Sherman Oaks. Our drywall contractors have years of experience in repairs, installation and drywall finishing. It only takes a few days to install drywall into a new or remodeled home. Our drywall contractor knows how to get the job done quick and efficiently.

One service that we specialize in at our Drywall Company is drywall installation. Our drywall installers are very professional when it comes to hanging drywall. Before hanging the drywall on the walls the ceiling must be completed first. The drywall can be easily cut to the size needed. We do use a drywall lift when needed to lift the larger size sheets of drywall. Our drywall contractors in Sherman Oaks provide the best drywall service around. Drywall cutting can be done with ease if you're a professional drywall installer.

There are many different types of drywall textures that can be used with drywall. Our drywall contractor can design different types of textures to give the drywall a different look. There are two types of drywall and three types of textures:

*    Smooth

*    Textured

And the drywall finishes are:

*    Light

*    Medium

*    Heavy

One way of applying the different textures is by spraying the texture on. Which can be applied either in fine or coarse texture depending on what you like. Our drywall contractor can apply both complex and simple textures.

Another area of drywall that our drywall contractor handles is drywall repair. Our drywall contractors are well experienced in repairing the cracks, water damaged and holes in the drywall. Our drywall repair service is quick to making drywall repairs. There is specific drywall tools needed to make repairs and our trucks are stocked at all times with the necessary equipment needed for repairs. At our drywall company in Sherman Oaks we make many different types of repair here are a few of the drywall repairs we make:

*    Texture

*    Taping

*    New Drywall

*    Plaster Hanging

*    Patching/Matching

*    Acoustical Removal

*    Existing Drywall

Lastly, there are our drywall services that deal with major projects. We have a drywall addition contractor that can take home drywall addition blueprints and turn them into what you are dreaming of. We can give this to you and the best drywall prices around. You will get a drywall estimate from us that you can trust. That goes for the drywall construction schedule that we provide so you can make plans concerning our time with you. What we can do for you are these things:

Our drywall repair service makes repairing drywall easy and simple.

You will want a drywall company that knows how to give you that perfect drywall finish. Our professional drywall contractor can do just that. Drywall finishing is one of the last steps in hanging drywall. Which makes it an important step? If the finishing is not done correctly your drywall will look bad. If these five steps are followed than the drywall finishing service job will be done correctly and look great:

*    Taping the corner

*    Apply the joint compound

*    Sand and feather layers

*    Apply metal corner bead

*    Sand the corner

Once these five easy steps are completed your drywall will be complete. Our drywall company in Sherman Oaks is the best drywall service company in the area that provides great service with quality products. Contact our drywall company today.

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