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Tile Installation

Tile Installation
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Tiles are popular materials used in residential and commercial settings. While they are commonly used on floors, they are also used on walls as backsplash. Our premier company excels in tile installation and is the one to depend on. Don’t be confused with our name “Drywall Repair Sherman Oaks”. While we are known for drywall repair services, we are also highly experienced and trained to install all types and patterns of tiles.

We Are First-Rate Tile Experts

Tile Installation in Sherman OaksOne of the prevailing services that we help you with is shower floor tile installation. Our company carries a wide selection of tile styles and types that perfectly suit your preferences. We’ll help you select the appropriate tile for preventing the risk of slipping, especially when the floor is wet with water. There are specific tiles that are designed to be used on bathroom and shower floors and we’ll assist your selection. Aside from the floor, the technicians additionally install your bathroom or shower room backsplash. This is recommended to prevent drywall from obtaining water damage.

Likewise, Drywall Repair Sherman Oaks installs your kitchen tile flooring. All of our adept technicians are trained for this and retain professional tools and products to ensure a perfect job. Some of the tile types applied is ceramic, vinyl, pebble, and granite tiles. We’re also proficiently skilled at installation of tiles on kitchen countertops and backsplash. Apart from the bathroom and kitchen, we’re confident that we can efficiently install tiles on any other parts of the house, including the outdoors. If you wish to have a tiled driveway, we’ll complete the installation for you. This is also true for your patio, swimming pool, and other outdoor tile installation needs.

Our prestigious company is an expert with tile installation, repairs, and cleaning too. Let our dedicated team take care of your tile cleaning to enhance and maintain its aesthetic beauty for a long time. If you notice any damaged parts on your tiles, let us know so we can properly repair them. If one or some of the tiles require replacement, we promise that the new tiles perfectly match the old ones being replaced to preserve the unified appearance. Count on our vast experience, friendly customer care, and impressive skills for all drywall services, including installation, repair, and replacement.

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